Friday, June 5, 2009

Life journey

Well, seems like not everyone know how to enjoy music together with the lyrics of my last post. Actually I was kinda expecting overwhelming replies, well, that's life. Not everything happened as you might wish. Now, do allow me to put it in a more human-readable format of what my thought was regarding the last post during that very moment...

Basically it's quite emotional for me to leave a place where I have been, IMO, worked so hard for more than 3 years. It has been a pleasure for me to involved what I've involved with. I couldn't ask for more indeed. Oh, that's kinda "template" wasn't it? Haha.

Other than work, of course, you. I remember once my ex-manager claimed that colleagues sometimes scored an equal value as of family member. I found it quite true. Whether you like it or not, you'll met your colleagues more often than your family members.

I appreciate the friendship we've grown together in our heart, and the battles we've fought together before. I'm proud of what we've achieved, actually. Although sometimes life goes up and down, but that's life! And I believe those down hill sharpen us all and get us ready for our battle ahead.

I especially want to thank you those who helped me along, those who guided me along, those who picked me up from a mess of shit, those who treated me as a friend, as buddy, or a secret lover. I appreciate that a lot. It grow me as a not so anti-social kind of person. I admit that I am not willing to open up my heart occasionally. (Alright, fine, I've been anti social for most of the time. Does that cheer you up a little bit?) It's because I found it hard to believe someone 100% truly. Due to my natural "naive-ness" and open-heart thought. I will easily get conned or get hurt, in which I don't like it at all. I'm just yet another ordinary person. Remember?

In fact, I've expressed all my above mentioned feeling in my previous blog. Here's the english human readable version:

I'll treat you as my true friend even though we might had argue and things were not getting really well sometimes. Although it might not be the happiest time, but I'll remember we've fought and grow together before.

I did enjoy it when we shared the wine among us during company trips. Did you? And of course with some extra secret laughter that might only kept in our heart. I've enjoyed it, did you?

It has been almost 2 weeks since I left the company, but the memories still stacked up high on top of my head. With fate, we've actually shared the same path, how amazing. I knew it before you that we are going to be apart, but I'm still missing what we've gone through together.

In the future, even though we might not meet for every working day, even though we might only pass by each other across the street like any stranger, even though we'll not getting closer and closer... But till now I'm still feeling very very proud of us, and I really meant it. You know why?
As I've met YOU in my life journey...


  1. The answer is ...


  2. 我本来在开始写《你听我说》的时候,我也是希望会有很多人能够给我支持。一开始,真的很多人留言,支持,让我写得格外勤劳。后来,慢慢变少了,真的变少了。